FREE Nextcloud dedicated instance during the COVID-19 epidemic is providing Nextcloud dedicated instances for FREE (500Gb of storage) during the COVID-19 epidemic including OnlyOffice and a dedicated Jitsi instance for it’s customers (just ask for it after subscription).

Perfect for testing them at least, or just benefit from a Nextcloud instance during these (hard) times. You’re free to download your data and leave at any time.


Thanks to all free nextcloud providers:

Very nice offer that lasts 6 months, or until 10/1/2020.

The STARTER offer is made available free of charge, on an exceptional basis, for the duration of the COVID-19 epidemic and for a maximum period of 6 months (180 days) after subscription. The offer does not include any commitment for the customer who can decide to renew his subscription after 180 days or to recover all his data. Offer limited to professionals, associations and educational institutions.

  • Link to ToS in French
  • Note, ToS forbids use of the service for any sort of financial transaction, including asking for donations.
  • Reendex is not required to make any specific backup of the data hosted, with the exception of the subscription to a specific service.
  • All information provided by the user is, and will remain strictly confidential. Reendex reserves the right to declare to the authorities the geographic location of an offender in the event of a dispute, but Reendex will never put personal information concerning the user online without his authorization.
  • Reendex undertakes to keep the existence and content of the files stored through its website strictly confidential. Only the Customer and / or Users authorized by the Customer can determine the documents they wish to make public or share with third parties.
  • Any file suspected of consuming too much bandwidth and server resources, jeopardizing the visibility of other users’ files stored on Reendex, will be blocked. Reendex will do its best to notify the Client using too many resources on the server before suspending his account.

(**) Program to make the STARTER offer available free of charge during the COVID-19 epidemic in order to facilitate access to collaborative work for companies, associations and schools, for a maximum of 180 days after the platform is made available. The customer is free to subscribe to a paid offer (the STARTER plan is billed at €49 excl. VAT / month after the 180 days, excluding current promotional offers) after this period or to cancel his subscription, free of charge. Offer without commitment .

Offer is now off.