Free/Busy URL for Outlook


I tried to search for a long time for an answer to this but without success. I need a freebusy url (for all user calendar that are not shared by someone else) to allow Outlook to access this information (by user full Name) when trying to organize a meeting.

The obtained freebusy informations will need to be like this :

PRODID:-//Microsoft Corporation//Outlook 16.0 MIMEDIR//EN

and obtain it using an URL like :

My questions are :

Is there already such URL but perhaps not compatible with Outlook? If then I will try to understand how it works and adapt it if my programmers skills are good enough.

Is there a way, using an API to get such information or perhaps the full calendar of a user, as an admin to create such URL?

Is there already something on Nextcloud and if yes, can I please receive the URL and perhaps the way to enable it.

Thanks in advance for your time and answers.

Best regards.

Blaise Drayer

I am trying to find FREE/BUSY on Nextcloud too. I can’t believe that doesn’t anyone need it ?

Or nobody want to answer, …

This is a must have features for company to use it with outlook.

IF someone can let me know how to get the freebusy informations, with no formating, I can try to code something (not integrated to Nextcloud because I didn’t such programming skills) but as I have seen, the rendez-vous are stored as text into a field on Nextcloud database which make it really difficult to get and create a freebusy format compatible with Outlook. If there is already a file that is doing the job of collecting all this data, I will be able to convert it to an Outlook compatible format.

According to this ticket, Nextcloud only provides RFC6639 conforming freebusy information.

Outlook, however, needs the free busy information in a different format and therefore cannot access nextcloud’s freebusy information.

I think I read in some comment that they also don’t plan on supporting outlook’s format. So if you want freebusy in outlook, I suggest you write a small app that takes the available information and presents it in a usable format.

Now I don’t know if outlook supports any kind of authentication in its free busy urls, because if it doesn’t such an app might pose a privacy threat.

also, to find the respective urls, try the request debugger and open the nextcloud calendar. You’ll see requests going to some /outbox/ endpoint, with the free/busy information in the response. That’s probably a good starting point.

I dunno if this really fits your need but have you took a look into this nice app?