Forwarding to Intranet IP / Installation IP

Apache 2.4.
PHP 7.4

I want to call nextcloud, via multiple subdomains, which point to the same datastore and path in Apache2.4.

I have adjusted the trusted domains in the config and made the settings in the virtual host.

Unfortunately, when I log in at, I am redirected directly to
The Nextcloud was installed under

Have already tried various settings under “reverse proxy”, unfortunately without success.
Which config setting redirects me to “”?

I think you can configure all subdomains, … in nextcloud.
Set this subdomains in the virtual host and configure e.g. Lets Encrypt.

For dns setting i think you must use CNAME.

Please post more details e.g. apache2 config, nextcloud config, …

I use a nextcloud with two names “cloud…” and “files…”.
I can use both names at the same time and there switches nothing from one name to the other.