Forwarding email to more than one contact in address book

Hi , is it possible to forward an email to more than one contact in the address book ?

if I click in the “To” bar I can add an email , but how to add a 2nd? or 3rd?

I can add a CC , but again only one contact.

the search brings up contacts from address book , but its not obvious how to add others ?

thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Usually the list of available contacts is displayed once you’ve entered a search term. You select a contact by clicking on the tick mark in front of it. You can repeat that step multiple time until multiple contacts have been selected. As soon as you press the escape key on your keyboard all previously ticked/selected contacts are added to the desired address field.

See Recipient selection UX issues · Issue #2769 · nextcloud/mail · GitHub

Hi J-ed , your right. It’s horrible , if you add a few emails addresses then decide later before you send the email you want to take off a few email addresses you have to re-search for the email and untick , then somehow click out of the box and repeat.

Is there a more normal email webclient somewhere in nextcloud ? or does anyone know of another more usable email app ?

You should e.g. find the RainLoop app in the Nextcloud app store which can be used as an alternative for the mail app. I personally prefer to use Roundcube in standalone mode (without a Nextcloud integration).

thanks for the ideas…

The security issues put me off RainLoop and using a non integrated / collaborative email web interface sort of defeats the point of having nextcloud for me.

I can work around its quirks but others users on my system will get stuck !