Forms app question - help with how to add special question to a form

I’m using the latest Forms app but I cannot find a Forms section to ask this question.

In Forms I want to add in a table like the folllowing:

Where the user is required to pick a number from 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely). Does forms allow me to do this and if so how?

Thank you.


I suppose I found a way to do this using radio buttons but it’s vertical which doesn’t look as nice. I would rather be able to use the picture and have it horizontal.

Does Form App allow me to choose horizontal or vertical? I’m not seeing that option.

Thank you.

Hey @greavette – since you seem to have a Github account, do you mind opening an issue for this at ? We don’t have a linear scale like this yet but should add it. :slight_smile: Thank you!