Forgotten password for ncp webui and ssh

Hey there,
I recently got problems with my ncp regarding the data on it via nc login. Now my problem is, that I cant remember the passwords of my ncp or the ssh. So if I try to access my ncp via https://nextcloudpi.local:4443 it asks me username and pw. I cant remember them. If I try to access my ncp via nc using the web panel app it doesnt work because it wont load, I get “this site cant be reached” from my browser. If I try to log in via ssh I’m again asked for username and pw and again cant remember them. So my question is, if there is a possibility to access any of those to options without knowing the pw? Or do I have to set up a fresh ncp instants? I’m asking because it took a lot of hours to get the settings for stun/turn servers, php etc. right and I just want to make sure before installing a new instant, that there is no other way. So to summaries: I’m due to lack of knowing the password for the ncp and ssh currently not able to go to cli or ncp web panel and would need a workaround.
Thx in advance for your responses.
Kind regards