Force resync of client

Hi all

I have a nextcloud installation running, and it generally runs well, but on this one mac client, it won’t sync down or up anything, or so it seems. It works from my phones, from other machines, doesn’t seem to be related to the user either, but on this one mac, it seems to be frozen. Yellow (!) icon on directories not in sync, and whatever I try, no change. I’ve looked at the logs too, but haven’t found anything. The client logs are still far too verbose for me to understand what’s really going on.

So - remote files are not downloaded/synced, and new/changed local files are not uploaded/synced.

I just created a ‘synctest’ dir, and it shows the ‘syncing’ icon, but doesn’t seem to do much. Quite a few other files that have been created over time do not have any nextcloud icon at all.

So - any idea where to start? I currently don’t have disk space enough to start off from scratch with a new checkout, and anyway, it’ll take some time going through potential conflicts etc.