Force apps upgrade

I got the notification to upgrade to 16.0.0. In the admin it says some apps are not compatible. I went upgrading thinking it would upgrade apps too (it is not saying it won’t). But it didn’t happen and much more app were in fact incompatible that stated and thus not activated after upgrading (calendar, tasks etc.)

So, I restored the snapshot, back to 15.

I now still get the upgrade notice to 16, and the message about incompatible app.

I tried occ app:update --all but no output. How on hell can I force apps upgrade ?

Edit 1:

Occ help says: update:check Check for server and app updates


occ update:check
Nextcloud 16.0.0 is available. Get more information on how to update at
1 update available

The update procedure also updates the apps on your system. In this case the apps are not compatible, or in other words: there is no version for NC 16 yet. Many apps are maintained by the community and it can take a bit of time.

As a user you can do:

  • wait with your update until all apps are available
  • if the apps are not so important, don’t use this app until the new version is available
  • use a test system and help the app developers

It ddn’t happen for me. I upgraded to 16 and the calendar app didn’t update and won’t propose it as an update. So I had to restore a snapshot to go back to 15 with a working calendar …

In this case it would be great if you could share the logs with the developers ( So you can be sure that it will be fixed in the future. Like this you hope that someone will find the same issue and repair it…