Force Activity Mail


i will change the text and layout from the activity mail.

Is there an option to force send an email to test the new Layout?


This would go into the same direction like this request, I’d say:

Right now 1h Notification time is the smallest value, so some code changes that provide more options on the GUI would be necessary. With an instant notification like @JasonBayton requested would help you as well, I believe. That way you could simply make some changes that lead to a notification and can see your changes to the mail layout.
It’s probably best to support Jason in his thread and increase the chance to receive a helpful solution soon.

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OK. Thanks.


I’m having the same request right now. I’d like to implement some “custom adjustments” to the mail content and would really appreciate if I could test those changes right away instead of having to wait for the next cron job.

I can’t believe that there’s no way to test this manually e.g. with some occ:... command etc. Otherwise how do the Nextcloud devs test this?

Also I’d need a way to not “reset” the state when sending the mail in order to allow sending of the same content multiple times…

I’d really appreciate some feedback here!

FYI, I just asked this in the projects Github repo and received an answer there: