Forbid access to trashbin

Hi. I’m using the latest NC 13. I’ve been requested by admins to limit access to the trashbin folder only to some users. Is this possible?


Each user has its own trashbin.
App “Deleted files” does not give you the ability to limit app to groups.

See screenshot

Per user is not possible at the moment.

btw. what is the use case behind your question?


The idea is to share a folder to a group, then every user in that group will be able to delete files inside the share.

Will the deleted files be accessible to everyone in the group or just to the deleting user?

Our need is that the recycle bin should be accessible only to a restricted group of users which can finally delete or restore the file

Not sure. Just give it a try with some test users.

Not possible ATM. See my answer in previous post.