For desktop sync - pack many small files to one file

Hi folks,

I am looking for a way how to speed up synchronize via desktop app.
My cloud is up to date and connected to my PC via GBit. This is not a problem.

For example: on my Windows PC I sync via desktop app. My iPhone backup is backed up to my cloud. But that is ~500GB in 320T files. More than half of the files are <1MB. And that takes the longest time. For me about 24h to sync.
I have several other cases where many small files cannot be avoided.

How can I speed this up on the PC side?

An idea of me is not to synchronize the many small files themselves, but to script one of them (automatically) to create a large file (eg per folder). But this would need about twice the memory.
What do you think about this?
Is there already something similar prefabricated?

How else could you solve the problem?

Thank you very much

Sync client actually already supports syncing many small files as one file. See this announcement for the HPB in files. Here is the project github page for notify push, which admins had to setup on their instance.

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