Folders do not sync completely

Hi Guys,

i need your help. i try since week to get my nextcloud working. the problem is the sharing of folders to groups dont work. For example i have two users. One user shared 8 folders to a group. the other user in this group can see every 8 folders online via webbrowser but the client which synchron the folders to hd only see and synchron the half of folders this folders. very frustrating… do a clean setup again but nothing will work… can you help me out?


The missing folders contain a “:” character in its name.
IIRC this is not ok on windows. See

Please give it try by removing the colon in the web UI.

btw. you post the topic title in german and body in english.
And you provide no information about your setup.

That will result in not many users will help you.

Thanks for your quick response! I fixed the topic language :slight_smile:
Oh Wow never think about using wrong characters… such a simple solution :slight_smile: