Folders are not being synced to other users

Hi all,

I have a client where they have 3 users on nextcloud

User A creates a folder and shares it to User B. User B can see the folder on his mobile and in the webinterface but the client doesn’t show the folder.

When i logged and opend the client on his PC i could see that the folder was not marked for Sync.

They have done this before where they claim the folder was marked for sync per default.

Can anyone give me a reason why this folder was not marked? is this normal? and perhaps they just remember wrong when it comes to the other folder they told me about?

This is a owncloud server converted to nextcloud and so they are using owncloud clients but i have told not them not to update the client. Cloud this problem happen if they updated thire owncloud client on the PC?


Is the folder bigger then 500 MB? Because then the sync client doesnt sync it automatically, but asks whether it should be synced.

Hi Nick!

the folder is indeed larger than 500mb and the other folder they said worked is less…

so this is most likely the problem…

anyway to turn it of or?