Folders and files automatically deleted without me asking for that


Since a few weeks I have a bad experience : my nextcloud files and folders are automatically deleted abd I never deleted them myself but there is a notidication saying that I deleted them. I updated everything, renamed the folders, created new ones. Everything is deleted every few hours except the talk folder…

I can restore them from the web interface but I need to do that everyday and sometimes several times in the day !

Help is welcomed !

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Do you have any logs that show, for example, the time and information? Do you use Nextcloud clients, e.g. on Windows, iOS or Android? Can you uninstall them to rule out the clients as the source of the error?

When I had the desktop client set to virtual files this did happen to me as well.

I also have this problem, I realized that it is related to the nextcloud client, at first only for windows, I updated the server to version 25, I also updated the client to follow the behavior.

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