Folder sync doesn't work anymore and I can't move files out of the folder


I’m having a weird issue with the synchronization of the Nextcloud server provided by my employer. I’m using the official Windows client on a laptop and there’s a 60 Go size limit.

The issue doesn’t happen with the other Nextcloud server set up on the machine (which is an instance hosted on my home server with no size limit) so I suspect that the issue on the first server comes from the service provider.

Description of the issue:

  • Some files appear on the server while not on the local folders and vice versa.

  • The content of the folders is not exactly the same on both sides,

  • Yet the sync client indicates that everything is correctly synced.

  • I tried to move the content out of the NC root folder on the local machine and it doesn’t work. The error message indicates “an unexpected error prevents you from copying the folder”, error 0x80070780, and “availability status: awaiting sync”.

  • There’s a “status” column when I’m inside the NC root folder in Windows File Explorer that indicates that the content is still synchronizing, but it doesn’t reflect what the sync client indicates.

Capture d’écran 2021-07-16 094740

  • When I try to click on the three dots on the right of the sync client, it freezes for a while and the client crashes eventually:

That’s pretty much it. It could be related to the size limit as I exceeded it once and received a notification, so I wonder if it might have broke something (I remember reading somewhere that NC didn’t like it?). I didn’t contact the provider yet.

It’s quite annoying as I’m afraid of losing data that isn’t backed up (I know…). What can I do to fix this?

Any help welcome :slight_smile: