Folder Structures

On Nextcloud 12 Server i have following situation:

I have mounted my fileserver with external storage support, only for admin-group

Now i will share some Folders like this:
|- Customer1
| |- Bills
| | |- Internal (Files inside shared with Group 1 only)
| | |- External (Files inside shared with Group 1 and 2)
| |- Documents
| | |- Internal (File inside shared with Group 1, Group 2, Group 3)
| | |- External (Files inside shared with Group 1 only)
| |- Anything
| |- Folder 1 (Files inside shared with Group 1 only)
| |- Folder 2 (Files inside shared with Group 2 only)
| |- Subfolder 1 (Files inside shared with Group 2 and 3)
| |-Subfolder A (Files Inside shared with Group 3 only)
|- Customer 2 (Has the same Folderstructure as Customer 1
|- Customer 3 (Same Structures like the Customers before)
and so on…

All the Files are on the external Fileserver only, i don’t want the files twice, the files should be only on the Fileserver.
So is there a way to realize this Sharing/Folderstructure ???

Thank you for your help …

Should be possible. I am not sure if the external storages are indexed in the Database like the normal /data folder. If it is then NC must have the fileserver exclusivley. If not, then it should work.

This Post: Rescan external storage
makes me pretty sure, that you would need to rescan the Files all the time if the Fileserver is used from computers not using nextcloud, or filechanges which nextcloud is not aware of.
I would not recommend doing a cron every 5 minutes to scan your potetially big file server.

Just for curiosity: Which fileserver are you using?

Thank you for the Answer…
The files from Fileserver are everytime synchron… This is not a problem.
My Problem is the Folder Structure in NC.
I must have the same Structure in NC like the Sample in my first post and on this point i’am struggeling :slight_smile:

My Fileserver is based on Linux (Eisfair)


Maybe you find the right ideas here:

In short:

  • share the parent folder with both groups and everyone in these groups will see the full folder structure incl. subfolders
  • with the apps “workflow” and “file access control” you could restrict access to certain subfolders

Hope this helps

Thank you for your answer, i will check it out next time…

Now i have made a new fault, i have tested NC13 and now i can not access external SMB-Shares… First i have to fix that, it’s a general fault in NC13…