Folder size in windows 10 is wrong, it show GB instead MB

The problem is that the windows client is not showing correctly the size of the files. when i install the software on windows 7 in show correctly .

12GB instead 12MB

Hello @Juan_Mora_Ramirez

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Which client version are you using?
Which windows 10 release?

I´m using nextcloud client 2.5.1 and my windows is 10 version 1809 compilation17763.379

hello everyones, some solution for this problem, windows client show GB instead MB
My setup:
Nexcloud 16.0.2 - client 2.5.2

I have the same problem, It’s a translation issue , just in spanish language
see picture

Which client version are you using?

I am using version 2.6.5 , spanish language (argentina)