Folder Permissions


I just installed Nextcloudpi as docker container alongside with Jellyfin on a Raspberrypi 4.
I have a Music collection in Nextcloud which I’d like to add to Jellyfin as a Music library but Jellyfin doesn’t have access to it because of permissions.
What is the right way to do this? I don’t wanna screw up the nextcloud installation, we have the whole family calendars on it… Should I add the Jellyfin user to the www-data group so it could access the nextcloud folders? Or should I change the folder permissions so user can have access… I appreciate if you could direct me to the right direction. I’m not sure what’s the right way to achieve this. Thanks in advance…

I’d try enabling Samba, and share/connect Jellyfin via Samba.

Thanks for the suggestion mate. I can’t find the samba in webgui tho…

Sorry, forgot Samba is not available in ncp docker.