Folder Name display for shared folder

Hello, I’ve got a suggestion… :slight_smile:

When a folder is shared via a share link, the resulting share page doesn’t indicate the name of the folder anywhere. Only the files and folders inside of the shared folder.

Ideally, Nextcloud would show the name of the folder instead of the home picture on the top left.

It could also be interesting to add a “Title” field as a sharing option. Potentially showing the folder name by default, but having the ability to override via checking the box and adding the preferred title in a field. This kind of sounds like a job for an app…

My use-case is an insurance agency. We are creating customer folders with a shared folder inside. the shared folder is shared with a share link and renamed to include the customers name and 10 random digits. This link is shared with the client as a single place they can find all of the files we wish to share with them.

Currently, the page the customer views doesn’t show their name at all and I feel it could be confusing to clients.

Thanks for reviewing this and i look forward to hearing what you guys think…

My Setup:
OVH VPS SSD 3 (2core CPU, 8GB ram, 40GB SSD)
Nextcloud 11 beta 2

Sounds like a quick and small fix. Probably no great discussion required, so you could create a feature request on, then this feature can be supported via

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