Folder link share permission edit-only

I could not find a request like that so I decided to open one myself.
The idea is quite simple:
I want to share a folder via link with public audience. I want them to be able to edit files already in the folder, but not to add/upload new ones.
It would be nice to have an option alogside with “read-only” and “file-drop” called “edit-only (no upload)” or something like that.
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I think it is not possible for folders and it make less sense. If someone can edit a file he/she wants perhaps delete it, download it, edit it and reupload it.

If someone can edit a file he/she can destroy it.
And if someone can upload files, he/she can only put more files in the folder.

But you can share single files for only edit:
With edit “apps/onlyoffice” you can send the user to the OnlyOffice app.

Example docx-file:

If you have multiple files you can use the app “link editor”.
Then you copy bookmarks of all files in another public folder (example here “Bookmarks”)
Then the user can use the bookmark folder and klick to the Collabora/OnlyOffice-documents.

Sorry no functional example because Tab.Digital has not installed the app.
Here an example from my private cloud.
The Document1.URL must then linked to the public shared docx-file.


Hi devnull
thank you for your reply.
It can work this way, i guess, with Link Editor by referncing an already shared document linked with collabora/onlyoffice. Its sounds pretty clunky though as a workaround, but i will try it out.
The point is to avoid getting flooded by arbitrary uploads.
The idea is just to stay focused on files and documents that are already there. Every edit made can be rolled back again, these files stay editable. You might think of them somewhat like a guestbook, where everyone can contribute something.