Folder download not as zip file

If I mark several files and download this, then these are stored in a ZIP folder.

Can you disable it somehow?
Or, do I need to be set up in Windows PC?

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The point of this method is to create a container to store all files, because you can’t download several files in one time… So what would you prefer to do that ? :wink:

I would appreciate an option to download folders recursively instead as a zip as well!

One of our clients told me yesterday they cannot download ZIP archives in their corporate network due to a security measure (seems like a default setting in Cisco or SonicWall internet security appliances).

I am totally aware that ZIP and Tar archives are actively used in legitimate applications as well as by malware authors. But apparently the download of ZIP and Tar files is not allowed in many enterprise environments so they have to download every single file manually of a folder with e.g. 20+ files.

Is there any imaginable way, an option or workaround to not pack a download of multiple Nextcloud files into an archive and download them consecutively instead?

I am having a similar issue.
i would like to download multiple files but not as a zip folder

There are a few javascript-based solutions but they can make problems on certain browsers and configurations: GitHub - sindresorhus/multi-download: Download multiple files at once in the browser