Folder Configuration won't connect - Warning: The local folder is not empty. Pick a resolution!

I had some sync issues and based on another thread I tried to delete account and reconnect using Win 10 Pro v 1809 and Nextcloud desktop v 2.6.2.

When I get to the the folder configuration I have it set to sync everything and select my original Nextcloud folder and the “Keep local data” radio button. Below it states “Warning: The local folder is not empty. Pick a resolution!” and the connect button does not activate. So I can only skip folders configuration or go back. How do I get this to accept the existing local folder and connect? I have files in the local folders that never synced to server, so I don’t want to lose them and have to go to backup to retrieve.

Couldn’t find any articles on this in forum, so I proceeded as follows:

  1. Copied all data to another drive as a backup folder
  2. Elected to skip the file folder setup during install
  3. Deleted sync files from original folder (D:\Nextcloud)
  4. Added Folder Sync Connection to original folder (D:\Nextcloud)
  5. Initiated sync

It started syncing but later through an error stating:
“An error occurred while opening a folder Operation canceled”
Clicking on the error takes me to activity log and error message where clicking Open Browser gives another error:
“Could not open browser” “There was an error when launching the browser to go to URL d:&%5CNextcloud. Maybe no default browser is configured?”

Any ideas on why the error shows up like this? Is there any other log for the desktop app I should be looking at?

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Got the exact same problem! Please help. Can’t sync anything…