Flow adds push notification and webhooks so other web apps can easily integrate with Nextcloud


release 20.0.1 stated that:
“Flow adds push notification and webhooks so other web apps can easily integrate with Nextcloud”
This seems like a great and useful feature. However, I am not able to find any information or documentation regarding this topic.
Can anybody please give me a hint?

In our nextcloud, I am able to set up a Flow to “write to the conversation” or “send push notification”, but the only available trigger is “When File [created/taged/deleted]”.
What do I have to do to add Flow that is triggered by a webhook instead of file creation as suggested by the release text for 20.0.1?

Beside the default flows you can add additional ones from the app store, like e.g. the workflow script app, etc.
“File creation” is one of the available web hooks which can be used to trigger an activity. It isn’t possible to define custom trigger or freely select any system hook.

A standard description of the implemented flows can be found here:

You will find more detailed information in the app specific documentation.

Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, this is quite outdated (Nextcloud 18).
I tried to find the documentation before opening this thread but especially regarding flow it is really sparse (e.g. https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/latest/developer_manual/digging_deeper/flow.html)

I think the usage of file actions was possible before the update with flow?
I thought (or hoped?) that the sentence “webhooks to easily integrate other web apps” is meant literally and not that other “web apps” are the core function of Nextcloud, i.e., file actions.
But it is not possible to trigger a flow by a webhook?