Flood of features requests

Hi all,

No surprise, there’s a flood of features requests for Nextcloud… :confused:

AMHO, Nextcloud should stay, in a first stage, with his basic functions and NOT develop a bloated “gaz factory”. “Bells and whistles” could be added way after, but for now developpers should focus only on stability, security, response time (still a bit slower than similar servers), and increased performance.

Two apps only should be improved and get better attention. Calendar & Contacts.

I hope it will not become a “christmas tree” or some sort of “swiss knife”, doing everything but badly.



However, automatic service discovery support for clients and servers could also be added without interfering very much with the core code, because this should be completely separate from it anyways… :slight_smile:

My feeling is that Nextcloud tries not to produce more features, but changing the way people can interact and contribute with it. See the example Frank was giving in the interview recently comparing Microsoft and Linux. Whereas Linux is growing with its openness.

I think it is quite more important to help other contributing than doing it yourself behind the curtain (to make profit). But this is a question of expectations…And we should not forget that Nextcloud just started, development capacity won’t be overwhelming yet.

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And dont forget: OC.inc did not manage all this - NC was created with a subset of these Dev-Capacities

Guess what…

I think it’s a good thing to see so many users joining up to discuss the features they’d like to see. They can’t all happen, of course, but already this community looks like a far healthier and more lively place than the OC forums.


Yes, I’d be concerned if developers seemed to be trying to run around developing all of the ideas on these forums, but they’re not. As far as I can see, users are giving feedback for what they’d like (yes, in bucketloads) and developers are being careful to balance the needs of the users with the design vision and development capacity… just as it should be.


Personally, OC 9 had already almost all the features I could think of needing, beside one: what I requested, which is Single-Sign On support (and someone else proposed in general a pluggable authentication module). I wouldn’t want a huge, heavy application (OC/NC are already written in PHP :slight_smile: ), but in 2016 having to rely only on LDAP for authentication is crazy.

Ok, you might be right. I’ve proposed some features of the category “bells and whistles” also. IMHO I would think of a procedure where a public voting shows what features users would like to see in the future and within what time.
This should not block or enchain the developers but would be an indicator in which direction to go for a good acceptance. On the the users side users would be able to see how “off” they are with their proposals.

Just my 2ct


Adding to @JuergenGrete: Partners could join in to create the stuff that is wanted but not doable by the internal developers in the short term… (or maybe creating the ground work (stuff like the horde lib for mail) that can be used in other projects too, and then it becomes a much simpler/faster job to get it into NC).

I agree, perhaps many request should be for NextCloud app developers. The core should be stable and secure.