Floccus v4 is released

Hello everyone,

floccus, the browser sync companion for the bookmarks app, is a little over three years old now and I’m happy to announce the release of version 4, a major version bump, which brings more stability and more rigorous quality control. Some long-existing issues with the sync algorithm that were carried on since the early days are finally fixed now, while performance has seen a slight boost as well. Find more information on the new release on github: https://github.com/marcelklehr/floccus



yeeeehaaaaw! thanks

Thanks @marcelklehr for the new version of Floccus.

Unfortunately there is still the problem with the synchronization of tags. But this is still a problem of Firefox, isn’t it? (https://github.com/marcelklehr/floccus/issues/28) For privacy reasons, I am not enthusiastic about using Google Chrome. But would the tags be synchronized there?

Unfortunately the Bookmarks app for Android does not (yet) support the folder structure. That’s why I want to use the tags to keep an overview.

if you don’t like Chrome you could try something like Ungoogled Chromium or one of the other Chromium-based browsers.

Chrome/Chromium doesn’t support tags at all, so that wouldn’t be a solution to your problem.

Thanks @alfred for your tip, but as @marcelklehr wrote, this is unfortunately no solution. What a pity.