Floating time zone

I’m migrating from Apple iCloud. The Apple calendar supports something called a floating time zone where an event set for say 10am Mountain still appears at 10am when the user moves to the Pacific (or any other) time zone. Or any other time zone.

Example: I want to schedule a workout for 10am Fridays. But do that workout at 10am in my current time zone. Meaning if I’m in the Mountain time zone I"m doing the workout at 10am Mountain but if I move to the Pacific time zone that workout is done at 10am Pacific.

Is it possible to do this with the Nextcloud calendar?

Hello and welcome to the community support forum!

You should open a feature request in the GitHub repository of the calendar app.

Developers usually don’t read the help forum, so it is unlikely that you will be heard here for this.

Thank you. Request submitted. :slight_smile:

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For reference: Floating Time Zones · Issue #2958 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub

Floating time zone is supported. Search for “floating” in the time zone list. I missed that earlier when I submitted my request.

Thank you to everyone who responded to this thread.