Flash drive and Hard Drive planning

I am excited to build a DIY “Dropbox” on a Raspberry Pi. I intend to keep frequently accessed files (text documents) on the SSD a good size (128GB?) micro SD card. I also intend to attach a USB hard drive. Is there a document / web page that can help me plan my setup so that:

  • iphone photos are automagically sent to the USB-HDD and
  • documents are sent to the midro SD card? I would like videos to reside on the USB HDD
  • only selected directories from USB HDD are available for sharing

Thank you

ummm… i’d suggest nextcloudpi to you… at least i would suggest to take a look into it.

i myself wouldn’t want to put in such a big sd-card as it sure enough will break within 2 years of usage. and you could add any longliving usb-2’5-hdd to your pi.

don’t expect any speed-wonders… but it’s gonna do its job.

It will be a lot more trouble than it’s worth to separate Nextcloud data into two different storage, especially considering the SD card is not likely to deliver the speed benefit you expect, and NextCloudPi is not going to be a speed demon anyway. What I would suggest is putting all Nextcloud data on the larger drive.

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i’d agree with all of what you said, @KarlF12 but i think the bottleneck here would be the limited hardware of the rpi.