Fix Markdown or NC-Text app (paid & open source)

Hey guys!

So I have an issue with the behavior of shared text files. Meaning when looking at the file preview from a share-link.

When using the Markdown app it looks like this:

Issue here: you cant scroll. The overall layout otherwise is EXACTLY what I want. preview is not in an annoying black iFrame and actively re-sizes with the browser window size. Its just that the text gets cut off after a few lines.

When using the normal NC-Text app its this:

which I can scroll however the weird iFrame doesnt resize at all actively and the fact that I would have to side-scroll to read full lines is an absolute no-go for me

What I want:

Either a fix for the markdown app (which overwrites the share preview) so that I can scroll there or a fixed version of NC-Text that shares the files properly, meaning no annoying iFrame and just plain text-preview like the Markdown app technically does. Fix for markdown app absolutely preferred! I’d deffo pay you a few bucks if I was able to properly read my entire file on a share-link without some stupid side-scrolling to read full lines! Also, yes I would want this to be made public then!

Please hit me up either here, on Discord: Clara Crazy#1188 or via email at Would really appreciate it

Literally, whoever can fix this for me would finally fix the last remaining issue for me with nextcloud!