Fix for collabora is not loading in the latest image (01-Feb-17)

if you have the issue that you get nothing and in the dockerlogs appears:

File [/usr/share/loolwsd//loleaflet/1.9.6/loleaflet.html] does not exist.

enter into the image with

docker exec -it <process-id> /bin/bash

switch to:
cd /usr/share/loolwsd/loleaflet

and add the link:
/usr/share/loolwsd/loleaflet# ln -s dist 1.9.6

thats it.

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I get the message
bash: /usr/share/loolwsd/loleaflet#: No such file or directory

How exactly can i add the link?

did you switch in the docker container or are you still on your machine above it?