First step is ...?

Hi, I just discovered NextCloud and am looking to set it up on my own hosting.

The installation instructions aren’t a problem, but there’s just something missing for me.

I have several domains, and Softaculous lets me install it easily on any domain, in either the root or in a subfolder.

That’s fine and dandy, but … should the domain be dedicated for use by this application, like Box or Dropbox or whatever? Or is it something that lives in a folder and where I’d have Wordpress and other stuff installed in the same domain but in different folders (or even the root)?

I was thinking of putting it into a subdomain, but that looks to be a bit more complicated.

Looking around the site, I haven’t seen anything that describes a typical usage model, just feature after feature after feature. I usually interact with my Dropbox account through the Dropbox app, but sometimes I use the web browser. In that case, Dropbox is … Dropbox. They have a blog on a subdomain I think. And a support subdomain as well.

But it’s not like I’m setting up something to compete with them. I just want something similar hosted on one of my own domains and my own hosting account where I can put my files instead of on Dropbox, and without having them continually pester me to “upgrade” to a 1TB size account for $100/y that is WAY more than I’ll need for a LONG time! (Right now I’ve got about 20 GB, and 50GB would last me quite a while I suspect.)

So if I install NextCloud in the default folder (ie,. ‘nextcloud’), do I access it via <mydomain_com>/nextcloud ?

Or just <mydomain_com>/ ?

What should I be concerned with when picking my domain and folder? (Again, this is just for my own use.)

It is depends on your Web Server (mostly documentation for NC written for Apache) settings. Per default you will have <mydomain_com>/nextcloud because you install it into the directory, but you can move it to: <mydomain_com>, or nextcloud.<mydomain_com> by adjusting your web server settings.
Some documentation:

i have a domain and use nextcloud with (along with some other subdoms). it runs on apache on debian stretch and i have never-ever had the slightest bit of trouble with that setup. you can handle the apache-configs according to your taste.
the relevant lines of my config.php:
array (
0 => ‘’,
‘datadirectory’ => ‘/home/nc/data’,
‘overwrite.cli.url’ => ‘’,