First load of files app is very slow

I’ve updated Nextcloud to 23.0.2. I’ve done all the recommended optimizations, including OPCache configuration, Redis-server configuration, and a few other minor things.

When loading the top most folder of the files app from my browser for the first time during a session, the load time is upwards of 2 minutes. I can’t seem to diagnose the issue.

I’ve continued to work on the server with no avail. It seems that if I clear the cache of my browser, the first load is just fine?

Experiencing the same. Clean install NC 24 Ubuntu 22.04 and php 8.1 APCu

But also NC 22 Ubuntu 22.04 and php 8.0 Redis

Both on 4Gb /2core vps

Initial load of apps is very very slow. After that clicking through folders etc works fine. Seems a caching issue but no idea why, I have used these kind of setups for ages.

Hmm I have noticed this happens in Firefox mainly. On all my devices and also on a clean firefox install without addons. Chromium seems fine

Fyi, Php 8.1 is only supported as of version 24.
Cannot remember if 8.0 is supported in 22. You might want to try 7.4 for comparison.

I did some further testing and it appears to be a addon after all! Wappalyzer was the culprit. I jumped to conclusions on the clean installation.

Not the only one who noticed it