First install and cannot log in

Hi Nextcloud community,

I have successfully uploaded the latest version 22.1.1 to my web-space. All dependencies met according to the message I got. I selected the server type, Maria DB. I filled in the data base name, user and password. Allowed all apps. Created an admin name and password. But when I go to log in it does not do anything.

Firstly I need to say I am very inexperienced. Don’t do the terminal operations. Don’t know the lingo. But willing to give it a go if someone can talk me through it. I can log into phpMyAdmin. The Nexr Cloud is there. I just cannot log in. Or maybe finalise installation. Not sure.

There was some message briefly about a Port number. I didn’t do this and I have no idea what port number to use or if this even what the problem is. Just mentioning in case.

How can I get things right?

Okay. I have deleted this above install and reinstalled Next Cloud on a new database and new subdirectory. I followed the instructions exactly. Fresh download. Unzipped. Made a new domain. Made a new data base. Uploaded folders via Filezilla to new domain and new database. Run install script and there is a successful install. I select the MariaDB. Enter the correct data base name, user and password. Add Localhost and the port 8080. Create an admin name and password. Everything good. It starts to add the apps. Then times out. Goes to admin log in and it just goes in a loop back to the admin log in. The admin log in name and password are correct. I really don’t know what is going on. This has taken me days and days and I am losing the will to live. I really hope some one knows and can walk me through this.

This is what is in the address bar:

what kind of webspace is this?

in general: It’s no real rookiething to install and run NC, you should be somewhat experienced, at least a bit.

but there’s help outside. like: you know for sure how to spin up a Virtual Machine on your computer, right? So you could download the offical NC-VM from (it’s the 40GB one) and play around with it.
Or if you dare spinning up your own rapsberry pi at home there’s as well help, called nextcloudpi (.com - official as well) . where you can download an image which you need to burn to your sd-card and then just plug the pi in.

Both tools will ask you some questions and then install NC with sane settings for you.

It’s on shared hosting on a server somewhere. I pay for hosting my domain. I don’t know what a virtual machine is. I will download the files from but do I then upload this to my website? I don’t have a raspberry Pi system. I don’t want Next Cloud on my computer. I want it on the webspace as others will be using it too.