Firefox tries to save empty passwords on many pages (11.0.0)

When I switch as a Nextcloud user from one app to another there is a little popup from Firefox, trying to save a password without username and one blank as password. This is annoying.

I am using Nextcloud 11.0.0 with Firefox 51 (which is beta)

Workaround was switching off the password save function of Firefox for this domain.

Yesterday I learned (and saw that in my installation) that sometimes (i.e. activation a new app) the password is asked by NC. That’s OK and a Firefox could ask to save that password.
But what my question means: Firefox tries to save a password, even if there is no password question by NC. Seem to be a invisible password filled with a blank. that needs to be removed!

Is this only on the beta version or also on the stable Firefox? If it’s the beta, it could also be a bug in FF.

Stable Firefox is OK. But Firefox 51 will change from beta to stable on Jan 24th.
There is a good chance that Firefox won’t change that.
Working with apps will not be fun any more.

Reason is the hidden div with id=“sudo-login-form”:

Why is it hidden?
As long as it is hidden, couldn’t the code be removed? #support

Or possibly the blank in “value=” is the reason? Is it necessary?

Nextcloud Users with Firefox will thank it end of January :slight_smile:

Can you put this on the bugtracker?

The NC developers know probably best why this field has been placed there.


I didn’t manage to find anything related to this on the bugtracker. (Possibly because I don’t know how to do a proper search…)

Anyhow, what is the status of this issue? I have an installation of NC11.0.0 and have recently upgraded to FF 51.0 and I am going nuts with this save password dialog. Whatever I click on when logged in the save password popup is shown.

Is there a workaround without disabling the save password functionality in FF?


I heard, that die Nextcloud code was changed.
I have Firefox 51 and NC 11.0.1 and no problem.

Do you use 11.0.0 or 11.0.1 ? Perhaps you can update?

I will try to update as I am on 11.0.0. I should indeed have tested that first…

And indeed it seems to work after update to 11.0.1.

Thank you!

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