Finder Extension not working - macOS

When trying to share files or open files in browser, the finder extensions always points to localhost instead of the actual host.

Example: When clicking on open in browser. Instead of opening https// it does https://localhost/company/examplefile which, of course, it can’t find because the host is not locally.

Because I didn’t find anyone else experiencing this issue, I assume it’s a matter of our settings. But I can’t seem to narrow it down. Any thoughts and inputs are highly appreciated, thank you.

Or as a general question: are there any Mac users who can verify that the Finder extensions work for them? Sharing feature and open files in Safari?

Checking the logs when clicking on the “Share via Nextcloud” - “Open in Browser” I can spot the following:

E2000 (4162): Sending an event:{GURL,GURL target='psn '[Safari] {----="https:///sampleinstance/index.php/f/33790

AEProcessAppleEvent({GURL,GURL target=nextcloud {----="https:///sampleinstance/index.php/f/33790)

I suspect that I should see “” instead of what I get (which opens in https://localhost/instance/index.php/f/33790) But I can’t figure out where it gets that information from. Any idea?