Filter view in "upcoming cards" is very slow


I’m using Nextcloud 25.0.2 with Deck 1.8.3 with about 400 cards. In browser it needs about 30 seconds to see the filtered view in upcoming cards. Every click on a folder below lasts also 30 seconds. In Android app everything works fast in Deck.

The server performance is fast enough, as I can see, mysqld and php is during the filtering view only at 5% load. Also CPU and RAM is only 5% load during the filter view.

I would like to speed up the view, any ideas?
PHP/Mysql tweaks?

I know, that upcoming cards are not visible, if a due date is defined, should I change all cards without due date to a date in far future to avoid seeing this cards? That would last very long, is there a dirty workaoround to do that for all cards (if it’s the only solution).

It would be fine, only to see “upcoming cards” of the next week. Could I manually hardcode the view in any config file?

Thanks for any tips, because of wasting a lot of time, I would also pay for a solution :slight_smile:
greets, Theo

My deck is slow too. It is not 30 seconds may be 5-10 seconds for every action like save card, assign user and such. It is not much but at the end of the say it turns into hours and actually makes deck almost unusable.

But it is such a good idea to have that deck with your users, would be not nice to install a separate solution for that.