Filter user by busniess email

I need to know how to filter users by Business email what I mean when searching about the user while share documents only show the user have the same business email.

I would try to enter the email domain, like e.g. ‘’ to get all users displayed with a email address. That works like a charm on my server.

How you did that can you explain more.

Nothing to explain, select a search window, enter the domain part - that’s it.

what i need when user search from any his business email by username or email show only users on his domain name

for example if my email is
when i search about users to share document with only have users with the same domain name (

Have you tried to create contact record for users you’re sharing data with? This could be the reason why I get a result on my server.

@j-ed user list search may be broken then (NC 18.02). For me it is only searching by displayname. No result for search by (partial) username, displayname2, email (full or prefix/suffix partial as you suggest here, etc.). Using LDAP auth. I am researching a bit right now before opening an issue.