Filter for files and sub-directories on external storage


i started with nc 21.0.0 using one of the preconfigured VMs from Nextcloud VM – T&M Hansson IT AB and got it up and running fast.

I configured external storage and used SMB /CIFS to map windows shared directories within my network, which works well, i can see the files and images within these directories and can browse them using the web browser and the android nc app.

Unfortunately, these directory does not only contain the images i would like to see via nc, they also contain other files (and subdirectories) which i would like to exclude from being displayed at all. e.g. “.htm” files, or “_t.jpg” files (thumbmails), or “config” subdirectories.

The only thing i found is file access control app, and i can manage that access to these kind of files is prohibited, but they are still shown on the list of files.

Is there any place in nc where i can add filters so i can define files and subdirectories which are excluded from being displayed? either “globel” or by directory (external storage)?

If not, is there any other way to achieve this? It looks to me that ACL could be an option (define a windows user that has only access to the specific files and directories), but it reads that this will have an impact on the performance…

Some REGEX that could be entered “somewhere” or at the external storage level or at the user / group level would be nice to have …

Any hints?

Thanks + regards, Butcher