Filetagging with Windows desktop client or separate tag-column in web client

Hey guys,
I try to tag my files with my new nextcloudpi.
I want to tag them quick and easily. I would love a solution for tagging them quick in the sync folder (and see the tags) from windows explorer. If I could tag the file (and see the tags) direct in the web client and the mobile apps in a separate row, it would be a good alternative. But click on every file, the 3 dots and then tags is not useable.

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There is a request to make it compatible with the native Apple tags:

In this case, it should be accessible on other desktop clients as well. You could raise an issue on the bug tracker as well.

Thanks @tflidd for the fast answer.
Sounds good, if it would be compatible with Windows.
Iā€™m complete new to all this github and development thing. How can i raise an issue, and where?

You need a github account and then you can open a new issue (there should be a button on the right). The issue template is for actual bugs, so they ask you a lot of background of your setup. For a feature request, this is not needed. You just describe the new feature you want to have (like you did it here or like it was done in the issue I linked above).