Files with are renamed during file sharing with android client

It seems that file-sharing with the android client causes some problems. After I had problems with client version 3.14.0 and 3.14.1 I updated to 3.15.1 and recognized that in most of the recent versions file sharing was an issue. Thanks to all the developers for their tireless work, but I鈥檓 afraid there are still some issues with file sharing.

If I upload files from an android device to nextcloud via sharing, the files are renamed sometimes to consecutive numbers (e.g. 35689) without extensions.
The behavior seems to be dependend on the file extension.
Some examples:
a.txt 鈫 OK
a.b.txt 鈫 OK
a.json 鈫 renamed
a.b 鈫 renamed
a.b.c 鈫 renamed
account.backup 鈫 renamed
account.backup.txt 鈫 OK
account.backup.json 鈫 renamed
account.backup.pdf 鈫 OK
account-backup.json 鈫 renamed

I am using nextcloud client 3.15.1 on Samsung Galaxy S8 with Android 9

Under Android 10 (Samsung Galaxy Ta S5) the behavior is less erroneous but there are still issues:

account.backup is renamed to account.backup.bin
All other examples from above are transferred with ther original names.

See uncommon file extensions are renamed to .bin when using the share from file explorer 路 Issue #7962 路 nextcloud/android 路 GitHub and the fix Fix: uncommon files add bin by tobiasKaminsky 路 Pull Request #8024 路 nextcloud/android 路 GitHub which is sheduled to be released with 3.16.0 where the first two release candidate have been published on Google Play already so within the next 2 weeks I鈥檇 guess the stable will be available.