Files tag rule makes files:scan fail (and automatic deletion fails too)


I want to add a tag (for automatic deletion) for all files except some (sub-)directories.
I tried to use those kinds of rules

In this example, I don’t want the Test directory (and included files and sub-directories) to be deleted.
But it seems that my rules are not written correctly because files:scan does not work well and no files are never automatically deleted.

If I launch manually a files:scan, I have the error bellow:

Do you have any advice so I can use rule to tag every directory/files except some identified directories ?


Looks like the scanner adds a new file / changes a file, triggers the workflow engine and the request url check fails hard on cli. That’s something for GitHub:

You can skip most of the issue template. Just add the Nextcloud version, the screenshot, the exception from nextcloud.log (if the above exception is logged) and how to configure the request url workflow.

Please reference this thread and also post the link to GitHub here. Thanks :+1:

Done :wink: