Files secure installed on ubuntu 18.04?

Somewhere on the internet I saw that the files of nextcloud are stalled in: /var/snap/nextcloud/common/nextcloud/data/
On my computer I see:
I have installed nextcloud server and nextcloud cliënt on ubuntu 18.04
Without to log into the server or cliënt as standard user I can acces the data from nextcloud in my home directory under home/snap/nextcloud-cliënt/10/etc…and can see all the data files.
Is that normal and safe?
and when I go to home/snap/nextcloud/current…When I will open that it gives: The link ‘current’ is broken. Move it to the trash? This link cannot be used because its target ‘8267’ doesn exist?
Is this also normal?
Otherwise should I do something whit it?