Files move will go to nextcloud?


i have just a question :
i have " Files move" as extra-plugin / app
NextCloud says :
“Cette app ne spécifie pas de version d’Nextcloud maximale requise. Cela provoquera une erreur dans Nextcloud 11+”

in english it s giving : this app don t tell the nextcloud version max , on NextCloud 11+ we will have an error

for info this app is tagged : “experiment” app coded by “eotryx”

how we can fix ?

do i need to uninstall?

more info :
i test the migration from owncloud 9.0 to latest NextCloud version : 9.0.53 (stable)
the migration was done without error

thank you for your help

You don’t need to uninstall. I use it, since I switched from Owncloud to nextcloud.

Ok thank you
i will see for the next upgrade

This feature was added to the core and is available for the next major release NC 11 (expected end of 2016):