Files lost while trying to copy them to another folder

So i had a Nextcloud created folder on my my external storage and i tried to copy some of it’s contents to a shared project folder that my coworkers and myself share. The files were lost in the process. So were any logs about them in general activity.Any ideas how to find them or retrieve them? or at least find any proof of their existence, that i can show to my boss before he crucifies me?
thanks upfront

A bit more info would be good, how did you move the files, how is your external storage connected to the server and how is it bound to nextcloud?


  1. I marked the files, clicked on action–>move or copy–>found a folder----> and clicked on copy to the specific file. Then the Armageddon happened.
    2.well technically the external storage and the Nextclouds servers are located on two virtual servers within our companys network.I assume they are somehow bound via webdav and AD/LDAP. How is beyond me, since the guy who configured Nextcloud can’t be reached today.

Ok, so do you have access to the filesystem directly? If yes, check if the files are present there in either of the two locations. If not, there may be not much we can do now, you need root access to the server.

Only option would be to check the Activity app of nextcloud if there is evidence of the files