Files in conflicts - Logs to solve the pb, list of conflicts

We use 2 Nextcloud instances in my company.
Some users have pb with the sync 3.7.3 and it is not easy to see where and which files are concerned :slight_smile:

The symbol of the sync stay yellow,
The folder concerns has a green symbol, so it seems ok, but when go down into the tree, we find the conflict files. We try to solve the conflict, no issue neither we want to keep the PC fils (error windows), nor the server fils (it mentions 0ko, and delete the file while on the navigator app it has 343ko and stay).

And he has many fils in conflitcs, we have to open all the folders.

Where can we find the log of conficts errors and the explanation ?

On the dekstop app, we do not have the Activity menu, why while we have installed the Activity App on our instance.

Thank you for your help. Users start to loose confidence as we rise the use of this tool and I am sure it is the best choice.

PS : it happens with virtual sync or not download sync .