Running NextCloud 13.0.0

I have a quick question. Is there a manual or something that explain what is needed, what need to be configured and where to looks for logs file to get Files_External:Notify. working. Or those someone can help how to get it working, where to look.

I installed php extension
I enabled in the php.ini.
php -m show me inotify as enable.
No error in nextcloud.log
cron.php jobs is running each 15 minutes
I’m running on External_Storage (Win2008) occ files_external:notify -v 26 and seeing file being changed, modified, …

On the Files_External:Notify display, I’m seeing that the tools find changes. But on my laptop with the Nextcloud Desktop Client, the file is never download.

Create a file on the Desktop Client = File is created on the Win2008 server.
Change file on the Desktop Client = File is updated on the Win2008 server.
Create a file on directly on the Win2008 server = Desktop client download the file
Change a file directly on the Win2008 server = Desktop client is never downloading the file.

On the latest step, the Files_External:Notify see the change, the cron.php job is also running, but the Desktop Client is never notified about the changes.

Where to look? What is missing?


Nobody as an answer? No manual exists, No Wiki or step by step to configured or get this working?

Hello, I know the subject is old, but how did you manage to make the tasks work? I’ve looked for it but I can’t find it.

And the other question is I have the same problem with desktop client updates. Did you solve the problem?

Thank you very much!

Hola, se que el tema es antiguo, pero, ¿como lograste hacer funcionar las tareas? lo he buscado pero no lo encuentro.

Y la otra pregunta es yo tengo el mismo problema con las actualizaciones en los clientes de escritorio. ¿Conseguiste solucionar el problema?

Muchas gracias!

Im on the same page. No doc about it.
I got it running, but in order to do so, I have to keep on asking by command line the news with the occ files_external:notify per external storage.