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This is what integrity failed showing, but I don’t see the folder ‘auth’ in ‘lib’.

- core
		- .user.ini
- files_external
		- lib/auth/password/userprovided.php
		- lib/auth/password/logincredentials.php
		- lib/auth/password/globalauth.php

It is in the files_external app. See the app folder.

Found it.
How do I fix invalid hash for .user.ini?


We really need to have the answer to this in the install/upgrade instructions and any FAQ. The number of times I’ve seen this question about user.ini can/ .htaccess asked is getting a bit silly…

Anyway, @tx7 you’ll find the answer in this post. It mainly talks about the .htaccess file, but it’s the same problem, and the same solution.

I know that download & copy the original file over would fix it.
However, once I change the max upload size in the .userini, the error appears again.

Why make the change in user.ini? I’m running Nginx and I just made the changes in other non-Nextcloud files like php.ini

I did changed in the php.ini too.

Ok. Just make sure that you modified the correct .ini file being used (check with php --ini ) and that you restart PHP (sudo systemctl restart php-fpm if you’re using Systemd + PHP-fpm )so that the changes take effect.