Files encrypted or not

how to know if my files are encrypted or not. nothing is specified. nowhere the encryption mention appears.

I would take a look on your files in the data directory, may give hints.

You can open the file with vi. If you can read the content they are not encrypted. If they are you see a header like this:


Thank you Ascendancer and Thomas_Stein.
unfortunately i don’t know how to open a file with vi.

Do you have SSH access to the Server?

no i don’t have this access. How can i have it ?
is this a paid option ?

Given your relativley low level of knowledge on Server Systems, which is not a shame btw, you should consider dropping the whole file encryption idea. Because this is the stuff where it may become very VERY technichal at some point (restoring, migrating, upgrading, not to mention troubleshooting). Plus: it only makes sense in certain usecases to begin with.

Would you mind posting everything here you know about your setup?

I have completed the account creation form The account was created, then after a while my page was displayed
in the upper left part, I only have 3 icons: files, activity, gallery.
since then, I’ve been exploring the possibilities of the system.

Ah, ok. This info should have been in the very first post. We cannot magically know, that you use the demo, which is just a showcase without any terminal access.

Go to and use the Administration manual, search for serverside encryption. First you must enable the app, then you can configure it in the Admin section.

But read the manual section i pointed to you first.

Im sorry i cannot link it directly, since someone have messed around with the firewall here where i sit.

I did everything you told me. server-side file encryption is now active, I guess.
thank you very much Ascendancer

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Happy to hear that :slight_smile:

If it says its active it should be. If you have you own server at some point, you may check the filesystem if thats really the case.

You realise, that Serverside Encr. uses keys which are on the same Partition as your data? So in case of a breach, the attacker should have no to minimal problems encrypting your files. It only really makes sense to encrypt your external storage mount such as dropbox.
And im not talking about end2end encr. here