Files drop, uploading folders

I am running NC 16.0.1
Sharing a link for simple File Drop works fine (although improvements for setting up all details before actually sharing would be better, as well as fine granular settings would be appreciated like combined file drop and read-only for seeing what is already uploaded…)
I have one issue that is actually a huge backdraw for me: if I drag a folder (with or without subfolders) onto the browser window, all files are uploaded into the very same “root” directory, the structure of folders/subfolders is not kept.
In addition to that: a file existing in different levels of the hierarchy are both uploaded while the second one is automatically renamed (Text.txt > Text (2).txt).

I saw the same problem with version 15 already.

Can this be improved? Is there a (hidden) setting I could activate to keep the folder structure?
Alternatively: would it be possible to trigger zipping the complete folder upon “drag&drop” and then upload the “Folder.ZIP” instead?

The current mode of operation is insufficient for me.

[this all works if I choose “editable” (=RW) share, but this is not necessarily wanted…]


you may try app “flowupload” …

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.
(Nevertheless I think this is an issue that should be solved within native Nextcloud file drop support…)

Hi @stratege1401
I have now tested “flowupload”, but this does not solve the issue… It is not available/used on shared directories/links for people not being users of the NextCloud instance.
I still think, this is an issue that should be resolved with one of the coming Nextcloud Updates. I would rather call it a bug than a feature, as you risk, files being renamed and mixed up as the folder structure is “flattened”.

if you think so pls file an issue on github. and let us (the forum) know about it by putting a link here to your issue

Thanks @JimmyKater

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