Files deleted outside NC - how to restore?

i did something stupid.
Before i wanted to create a all new backup, i did some cleaning in my main data folder, which is connected form unRaid via external data.
Accidentialy i deleted one folder that should not be deleted.

I have a backup that is a few weeks old, but some data might be lost from the meantime.

The more stupid, i deleted not from inside the NextClould but directly from the filesystem on the NAS. I cant find any recycle bin or so there, so the data seems to be lost.

BUT, i found something interesting from searching the filesystem detailed:
The “files_versions” folder in the nextcloud Directory which has some nice versions of the missing files.

My question is: Is there a regular way to restore them from the Nextcloud UI? I cant find anything because they are not officially deleted by NC. But somewhere deep inside there are these versions. Of course i could restore them via file browser manually if thats the only way.


I’d first save everything you found on the filesystem level, so you won’t delete any more data.

If the file still shows in the file manager on the web-interface, you can probably restore from there. Problem is deleting manually isn’t the “official” way to handle files, so that is nothing thought of by the developers.