Files deleted automatically - possible?

I want files to be deleted automatically after an expiration date or, preferably, a defined/set time window.
So today I load a file into the folder of an employee and want this file to be automatically deleted in 14.
Anyone have an idea?

Like this?

I have installed the app, but I can’t find it in my account! Where can I set the days? Where is it?

Sorry, I can’t help you with that as I don’t use it myself. Perhaps someone else can step up. You could also have a look over at Github and see if there is some documentation…

I found it. But there must be a tag on the file. So i look for automatic tagging.

Yes there’s also a flow app for that :+1:

If i try to create some rules for the automatic tagging, the list of word for tagging is empty. Do you know, how i get words into this list?

You can create new tags in the basic settings or by simply applying a new tag to a file/folder.

thanks, i try it. And now i am curious if the automatic tagging and deletion works. I will know by the weekend.